Luminar HD is the top line handheld corona camera boosted with features that enhance inspection process. Special filters eliminate false signals and amplify real corona signals. Onboard GPS readings, audio annotations with optional ambient temp & humidity are marked on captured media and saved as meta data for post processing and reporting.


  • Supreme sensitivity to UV signals
  • HD video recording
  • Precise location of corona emitting sources
  • Effective powerful optical and digital zoom
  • Additional extended powerful visible zoom
  • High resolution sun readable LCD
  • On-board storage via Compact-Flash Card
  • MPEG Video/Audio on-board recording and storage
  • JPG on-board capturing function
  • Playback on-board function for images and videos
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth connections
  • Fit for inspection under any light and weather conditions
  • Fit for inspection distant and nearby installations
  • Manual and Automatic focus for both UV and Visible channels
  • Integration mode for larger signals and reduced background noise
  • Blob counting and display for evaluation of the corona strength
  • Built-in GPS
  • Highly ergonomic
  • Backlit hotkeys to functions
  • Integrated interface to Ofil Reporting Software
  • UV only, Visible only and Combined UV + Visible modes