IDAX 300/350 Accessory VAX 020, 2 kV amplifier, AF-59090 is an insulation diagnostic system for investigations/analysis of dielectric materials, normally insulators. The measurement method used is dielectric spectroscopy, i.e. measurement of the dielectric properties of the material as a function of the frequency, and in some cases also as a function of the voltage. By studying the dielectric material properties as functions of frequency it is possible to make a distinction between different types of phenomena. For example, it is possible to separate polarization loss from leakage currents.

The system applies a sinusoidal voltage with desired frequency over the sample. This voltage will generate a current in the sample. By accurately measuring the voltage and the current, the sample impedance can be calculated. Depending upon the actual sample model, various parameters can be calculated from the impedance, such as capacitance, loss, resistance etc. This procedure can then be repeated at the specified frequencies and voltage levels and even more information on the sample can be revealed. More information can be found in the chapter “Measurement technique”.