The resonating inductor expands the capacitance range of the DELTA
automated insulation power factor test sets. The resonating inductor
is a self-contained, air-insulated tool which allows the user to perform
capacitance and dissipation factor tests on high-capacitance items such as
large motors, large generators and long cable runs.
A manual tuning wheel on the resonating inductor varies the inductance
to tune the parallel circuit for minimum load current.

DELTA Automatic Insulation Power Factor Test Sets:

  • Extremely easy to use, without any extensive hardware or software setup
  • Designed to work in high interference switchyards of up to 765 kV
  • Built-in capability for storing, printing and downloading test results
  • Rugged, portable design for field/shop shop use with automated control via the PowerDB™ software package
  • Optional HV reference capacitors (100 pF, 1000 pF) with 2% dissipation factor, and a 10 nF TTR capacitor
  • Optional Priority Access package offering exclusive services/support